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lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Sandro Galli Biography

sandro galli you tube
-Welcome In My Acid (12") Hot Trax 1994
-Spectrum (2x12") ACV 1995
-Spectrum (CD) ACV 1995
-Virtual Vision (12") Hot Trax 1995
-Cerebral Waves EP (12") ACV 1996
-Perception Of Reality (12") Sound Of Rome 1996
-Stormy Zone (12") ACV 1996
- Different Acid Wen Records 2008
- Phobia mix dgt 2010
- Different acid (restored) mix dgt 2010
-Basement Trax Vol.4 Rmx (12") Pervert (Sandro Galli ... Chicago Style
-Criptography / Construction (12") Construction Work (San... Chicago Style
-Reflex (12") Reflex (S. Galli Remix) Rise Records (Italy)
-Four Season (Rmx) (2x12") Winter (Rmx By Sandro Dave Clarke ACV 1994)
-Four Season (Rmx) (CD) Winter (Rmx By Sandro Dave Clarke ACV 1994
-The Sound Of Rome (2xCD) Winter (Sandro Galli R... ACV 1995
Aux (12") Hot Trax 1995
DJ Mixes:
The Sound Of Rome (2xCD) ACV 1995
Tracks Appear On:
Rave Generation (CD) Empty Dimension Sound Of Rome
Thai (CD) The Message Zone Records (3)
(CD) Acid Vision ACV
Virus Vol. 2 (CD) Psycho Dreams, Relax Hot Trax
Alternative Current Vol. 1 (2xCD) This Is The Human Bass... ACV 1992
Il Suono Di Roma (CD) Android ACV 1994
Shout - The Future Tribe (2xCD) Relax, Android ACV 1994
Shout -The Future Tribe- (2x12") Relax ACV 1994
The Sound Of Rome (2xCD) Altered State, Altered... ACV 1995
Rave Generation (Cass) Empty Dimension Sound Of Rome 1996
Alternative Current Vol. 3 (CD) Stormy Zone ACV 1997
CO.MA / A New Story (10") CO.MA ACV 1997
Future Trend (CD) Stormy Zone Trend Discotec 1997
Alias :
Alex galiver ,Logic ground ,euristics
wonderland ,retroactivity ,noise study
liquid bump , Isq ,